Sunday, July 8, 2012

Syked Up for the Summer - Doc Syke Sundays by Ving Fuller (1946-47)

Screwball Sunday

Layin' on ya a trio of summer-themed Doc Syke Sundays. While most of the USA endures a sweltering heat wave this Fooly (as Bill Holman referred to the month of July), these Syke-adelic screwball gems will hopefully cool down a few of our sweating readers.

You know, it just blows my mind that Ving Fuller's Doc Syke is all but forgotten today. These are pretty fun comics, with screwball sensibilities, solid gags, and distinctive cartooning.

I'm outta time to write a big thought piece, so... enjoy and stay cool!

Love Doc's old-fashioned, stylish swimsuit...
Doc Syke by Ving Fuller - July 25, 1946
(from the collection of Paul Tumey)

This one's got "Little Doc," possibly an offspring, nephew, or adopted son who would later take over the comic in the early 1950s, when Shulz's Peanuts hit big.
Doc Syke by Ving Fuller - July 7, 1947
(courtesy of Frank Young)

Ving had that cartoon cutie thing goin' on... as we see in the next strip, which is a nice play on negative space.
Doc Syke by Ving Fuller - August 3, 1947
(courtesy of Frank Young)

It's fascinating to see a comic that had the little kid type humor and also the babe jokes -- what the heck? When you deconstruct Ving's material, it's very original and odd. I like it!

Screwballistically Speaking,
Paul Tumey

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