Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foozland 1952: 1000 Zinkas to Goofonia

There's so much we don't know yet about Gene Ahern's screwball masterpiece, The Squirrel Cage. For example, we don't know when the strip ended. We know it started June 19, 1936, and it's thought to have continued until at least 1953, but we really don't know for sure. Later examples of the strip are difficult to find, as it was carried by very few papers at the end, perhaps because many editors lacked the sense of absurd needed to fully appreciate the mysteries of Foozland. Did Ahern end the strip with any ceremony, such as the explosion of Foozland? We don't yet know.

Here's a rare example from 1952 that shows we are still in Foozland. Although Paul Bunyan is gone from the continuity (another question -- did he finally find his way out?). The strip appears to have returned full circle back to the seemingly impossible challenge of getting rid of the Little Hitchhiker.

The Squirrel Cage by Gene Ahern - March 2, 1952

Nov shmoz ka pop?
Paul Tumey

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