Monday, July 2, 2012

Milt Gross: A Knockout Knutty Nize Baby

Milt Gross Monday

Milt Gross was double-trouble as a cartoonist. He could both write and draw funny. Sometimes, you get both in his comics, and on rare occasions, he will focus mainly on delivering a knockout series of silly drawings, as in the case of today's Nize Baby.

Has anyone ever made as much out of tying a necktie? It's said that when Laurel and Hardy would begin a film, they would start with a full script. Then, they would  improvise so much comedy from the first scenes that only a few pages of the script were ever filmed. They made entire movies out of epic attempts to accomplish everyday tasks, such as moving a piano, or taking a train ride.

Similarly, Milt Gross improvises a ballet of haberdashery and frustration in this terrific page, scanned from my own collection.

Nize Baby by Milt Gross - April 22, 1928

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Paul Tumey

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  1. HAHAHAHA THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! These are great strips from Milt Gross, keep posting it!