Saturday, July 7, 2012

Salesman Sam: A Parrotly Not! (A 1926 Sunday)

Salesman Sam Saturday 

Here's a very rare George Swanson $alesman $am Sunday page from 1926. This was the last year that Swanson (who signed his name "Swan") would write and draw his popular creation. In 1927, he dropped the strip and eventually landed a berth with King Features, creating the very similar High Pressure Pete strip.

From 1925-30, George Swanson delivered one terrific screwball comics after another. His comics were dense, overstocked with multiple gags, staffed by eccentric characters, and of course, always selling the gag with his patented exaggerated flip-takes.

In today's Salesman Sam full page Sunday comic, Swanson is at his screwball best. Enjoy!

Salesman Sam Sunday page by George Swanson
(June 8, 1926)

The above page was scanned from The Comics Journal #281 (February, 2007), which contains a nice article on George Swanson with a large 50-page selection of reprinted comics, written and curated by Bob Foster. If you are a Salesman Sam or George Swanson fan, this issue is a must-have!

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  1. pure natural cartooning. beautiful

  2. I agree, Jeff. The more look at this page, the more impressed I am. In fact, I am becoming aware that these are not just ordinary parrots, but MEDICAL parrots. You might say this strip is a real parrot docs.