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Milt Gross Meets Rudy Megaphone (1930)

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Ah, celebrities. We love 'em.

It's said that Albert Einstein read and adored Milt Gross. Paul Picasso, James Joyce, and Gertude Stein were avid fans. Robert Frost wrote an (unpublished) ode to Count Screwloose. It's well known that meetings between FDR and Churchill often broke down into laugh-fests over Gross's books. Years later, JFK and Kruschev discovered peace-promoting common ground over a mutual regard for the comics of Milt Gross (Nixon never liked them - he said didn't get them). More than one scientist has credited Gross' fractal-driven images as the primary inspiration for the discovery of the DNA double-helix model.  Even the great film comedian Charlie Chaplin loved the humor of Milt Gross so much that he hired him to help write one of his greatest films, "The Circus."

Eau Kaye, so I might be elaborating just a tad. I actually made up all of the above, just for fun. Wouldn't it be wonderful if any it were true? Waitaminnit! One part of all that nonsense IS true, wonderfully true: Milt Gross really did co-concoct with Charlie Chaplin (also his pal) -- that much is true. Here's a sweet little newspaper item from 1926:

Hartford Courant, May 5, 1926
The above article was found on the wonderful website, Silent Comedians, which will interest many readers of this blog.

Here's today's Milt Gross offering, a full Sunday page meditation on  celebrities, in this case the immortal Rudy Megaphone:

That's all for me today! I'm leaving this booby-hatch for a saner world and smarter people!

Sincerely Not,
Count Tumeyloose

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