Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rube Goldberg's The Squawk Club (1945)

Rube Goldberg Tuesday

It's generally written and thought that Rube Goldberg stopped writing and drawing humorous cartoons after his newspaper Sunday comic, Side Show ended in the early 1940s. Today, we share some examples of The Squawk Club,  a little-known humor panel Rube did in the mid-40's for Collier's Weekly. The basic premise is that Rube illustrated readers' "beefs" that they mailed in. Since this was a perfect foil for Rube Goldberg, who built a hugely successful career in part on reflecting our flaws back to us, one wonders if Rube himself merely wrote the "squawks." In any case, these were amusing enough cartoons, and show that Rube still had an interest in humor comics. It's very likely that Rube's assistant inked these cartoons. Rube had a long association with Colliers, which published his invention cartoons in the 1920s.

Collier's Weekly - Feb. 17, 1945

Collier's Weekly - Feb. 24, 1945

Collier's Weekly - Jan 15, 1945

Collier's Weekly - Jan 15, 1945

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