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Salesman Sam's Poker Party (1923)

Salesman Sam Saturday

Here's 6 priceless Salesman Sam dailies from 1923. George Swanson created Salesman Sam in 1921. After the first year or so, Swanson began to develop multi-week long story continuities. Sam Howdy goes out west, becomes a horse-racing jockey, gets sued by a gold-digger for breach of promise, and so on.

Today's Salesman Sam Saturday presents selected episodes from a funny 3-week continuity Swanson created in September, 1923. Guzzlem's wife is out of  town, and the boys decide to have a wild poker party. Sam moves in for a few days and bachelor-based hilarity ensues.

In the first strip presented here, note the great secondary gag (I often call these 'background gags" but this one is in the foreground!). A crowd of dozens of cats stare in wonderment at a poster advertising "Rat Biscuits." At the risk of shooing the humor away from the joke, rat biscuits were poison cakes for getting rid of rats. From a cat's perspective, though, these could be rat-flavored biscuits! This strikes me as casually brilliant. I love the occasional elaborateness of Swanson's non-essential gags. Also, check out those very funny BIG steps forward in the first panel as our characters step into a new mini-adventure.

$alesman $am by George Swanson - Sept. 12, 1923

$alesman $am by George Swanson - Sept. 13, 1923

Swanson doesn't show us the wild party, just the aftermath:
$alesman $am by George Swanson - Sept. 14, 1923

$alesman $am by George Swanson - Sept. 25, 1923
 Swanson excelled at the exaggerated reaction. In the last panel of the next strip, the very earth cracks open in reaction to Sam's dense nature.
$alesman $am by George Swanson - Sept. 29, 1923

And the close of the sequence, where -- of course -- the wife returns in a dark cloud of disapproval. This strip presents a beautiful comedic resolution. The last panel looks similar to the Swanson's explosive flip-takes, but is actually the damage of Mrs. Guzzlem's explosion of anger -- which is funnier if NOT shown.
$alesman $am by George Swanson - Oct. 4, 1923

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