Monday, August 6, 2012

Three Magnificent Milt Gross Messterpieces

On vacation till August 13

I am eyeballs-deep in an exciting screwball-related project  which I hope someday to share with you. Because of that, I will be taking a week off from my daily posting.

If you are jonesing to read more screwball comics, I suggest you troll through the artist pages I've put up. There's links at the top and right hand side of this page. I have stuffed many of these pages with additional items of interest, including many rare comics. Most recently I completely overhauled the Ving Fuller page . You'll find a lot of interesting material unavailable anywhere else.

This is also a great time to browse the 60+ articles on screwball masters that I have posted on this blog so far. Here's some articles I'm especially proud about that you may have missed:

The Elements of Screwball Comics

The Snoremonica: They Laughed When I Went to Bed

Comic Strips Are Frozen Words: A Full Page of 1937 Ahern Screwball Goodness

Stuck on the Enchanted Flypaper - Snapshots of Foozland

In the meantime, here's not one, but TREE spectacular Milt Gross screwball comics to tide you over! Enjoy!

November 30, 1930

December 7, 1930

December 14, 1930
The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song

Announcement! Last night, my talented pal Frank Young (curator of the amazing Stanley Stories blog) dropped by with a copy of the brand new graphic novel - The Carter Family: Don't Forget This Song. Frank co-authored this stunning book with the super-gifted David Lasky. The folks at Abrams ComicArts have done a stellar job of making this book a beautiful hardcover treasure, complete with a CD of music! Being an author, Frank got his copy early. The book will be out in October, and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. I think this will be one of the outstanding graphic novels to date -- a meticulously researched and impeccably crafted telling of the story of the first family of country music that is historically and emotionally authentic -- and fun to read!

See ya next week, Iggy!

-~ Paul Tumey

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  1. Okay - my fave is the pool table at the end of the second Sunday. I want a t-shirt of that!