Sunday, October 14, 2012

Screwball Goes to the Dogs - Doc Syke, Milt Gross, Swinnerton, and Smokey! (Vol.1 No. K9)

Welcome to the second Screwball Sunday Comics Supplement! In this issue, we have literally gone to the dogs. Here's your chance to bone up on some forgotten screwball classics. With one exception, these are all scans from my own paper collection, and the first time these appear on the Internet. This faux newsprint supplement is designed by me, Paul Tumey.

In this survey of cartoon screwball dogs, we note the prevalence of black-spotted orange dogs. In every example, we also see dogs interacting with us fellow humans. One of the surprising aspects of screwball comics is how they often reveal the underlying truths of life. In this weeks' Sunday supplement, we see cartoonists turning over and over to the theme of dogs and people as constant companions.

Please let me know how you like this. Your comments and emails are so important to me!

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The day this post went up, Google celebrated Winsor McCay's 107th birthday with an astonishingly good point-and click interactive comic.

Screwily Yours,
Nuthouse Tumey


  1. Man, was I feeling hounded. No kidding, I had it ruff! I ran out of scratch, and--kennel you believe it?--was at the end of my leash.

    Then I saw this here Screwball Sunday supplement, and my canines stopped aching. They started laughing instead.

    The closer Doc Syke is eerily poignant. Despite a lack of Aherns, this supplement has real teeth. Who wants to go for a walk?

  2. Frank, your comment leaves me both honored and dumb-hounded. Avery heartfelt thank you.